Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time, more of it.

Well I am a few days from some, probably not, well deserved holiday time. Not that I had too little free time as it was but with the holiday coming up I'm about to have about three months of it.

While I have more than my share of spare and often wasted time on my hands when I'm a 'dilligent' student. This almost hedonistic level of free time to do nothing will most likely culminate in nothing. Maybe a severe case of cabin fever, and perhaps sore genitals. I tend to masturbate excessively when I stay still for too long.
Though I have faith that I will do something constructive, I've been riding a creative surge for the last few days on my writing. As it goes with me I hit highs where I can hammer out several pages in one sitting, to lows where I just don't have it in me and at best can excruciatingly force out a few lines. Luckily in the face of all this free time it looks like my writing will go on unimpeded.

I have also recently just dusted off my Wacom tablet, it had been neglected for some time in favour of study and desk space. My writing urges though usually don’t go hand in hand with my illustrative ones, so at best all I can hope for is a use disjointed sketches of nothing, in wistful attempts to hone my soap stone blunt skills.

All in all, I love my spare time. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who enjoys wasting time as much as I.

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