Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hubris escapism.

Alright this would have to for me the biggest problem I have when I write. The lead always has to be me. Not in a 'hey what would I do...' sense but more along the lines of... exactly the same.

I don't know why, well I do, but its embarrassing to say the least.

Its pure escapism, I don't know how it works with other writers, but I write simply as way to escape and its really. Just me penning down my boyish fantasies. I would suspect that this method is seen as rather amateurish. Well I am just that really my works, more like attempts, of writing have only been seen by the eyes of a very few people.

Protagonist not just taking on my appearance, but my name in variations, and a transplant of a uber personality. Really just a badass version of my rather unimpressive real life personage.

I would one day hope to become an author, make money out of my escapist fantasies. For all I know this could be a winning stratagem in writing, or it could be a glaring trademark of amatuerism and well, crap. I guess only by putting more of my scribbles out there for review will I truly be able to adapt, and evolve my writing.

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