Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The beginning of the beginning...

...Of an endless and unceasing diatribe from me to the rest of the world. Politics, social trends/injustices, and morons of the wide world, will be ammunition for this blog. And don't worry, this title is somewhat misleading, this will not be one the countless horde of blogs which their composer feels the need to grace us with their opinion of a grainy low res picture of a drunken woman wearing little clothing. Called me old guard, but I have better things to convey.

Though it will mostly likely contain a high number of firearms, possibly one of my favourite topics, I have always loved firearms, though I was quite simply born in the wrong Country for it. Don't get me wrong I love this country, just not the protectionist, anti-choice legislation governing it. While its true I have, unfortunately, very little experience with firearms, it certainly won't stop me from passing judgement, though mostly it will be for vanities sake. Along the lines of, 'my word wouldn't a Mateba 2006M look good on my hip?' Something along that line of fantastical wistful daydreaming.

And what would a healthy males blog be with out dissertation and musing on video games, the blessed thing pratically raised me. I will make the occassional review, blither incoherently about how good a game is, or just plain old complain and nit pick about a sloppy peice of coding and design.

And as mentioned above a good portion of the blog will be angry enrage rants about what I see as slights against me, justice, common decency and the human genome. In a nutshell it involves me pounding at the keyboard in hamhanded anger.

Cheerio pip pip and good day to all.

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