Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The future

Things I'd like to see.
In Mass Effect 3.
  • Natal Face Mapping.
Yea I like to play as myself. Just can't get the jaw right.
  • Sex.
I want sex. Mature enough for the eff bomb but not enough for hot alien sexy time?
  • Tits.
Come on. Who doesn't want more tits? Possibly some ass too, oh and don't forget the nipples. Jiggle physics, the best innovations in videogames, needs to be in the best videogame.
No I am not joking.
  • More Females.
Is it me or is the galaxy a sausage fest of Salarian, Turian, Volus, Batarian and massive Krogan dick? Its one of the things in the game that constantly nagged at me. That one little inconsistency that stopped me from really immersing myself into the game. I know that it would be a huge chunk of disk space to have all those models, voices, skins, animations and armatures in the game. But by god will it go a long way.
  • More Fashion.
God dammit Garrus, put on some new armor! Granted in the last game swapping and changing their shit made them feel less substantial, more like dolls than actual individuals. But Garrus' armor just gave me the shits.
  • Vehicular Man Slaughter.

You know what? I liked the Mako. The bouncy little tank that could. I don't understand peoples complaints about it, how ham fisted do you have to be not to be able to drive it. It seemed pretty easy to me. The Firewalker DLC makes up for this deficiency, but I still want more than five levels of hovertank madness. More expansive terrian wouldn't hurt either, with fast paced vehicle combat.

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